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Towards Essentialism For This Blog

↪ On SummaryMaster51v, I had originally added a lot more gadgets using the Contempo theme. As a result, the fold (visible content before you scrolling) was filled with the Pages Tabs, and just a few lines of the Recent Post Title were visible on a smartphone.

So, for this blog, I will be trying to keep the things simpler. And from onwards, that blog has a Simple Theme too. It makes multiple posts and their previews visible directly at the fold.

Now, I have a site where all my important links are provided, with a clean interface, at

That's some excessive decluttering, but it feels nice. Sometimes, a few lines at the centre of the large negative space are more calming, than an abundance of the over-information and the hyper-detailing. I guess, similar to how the minimalist flat images load faster (for the same degree of compression), less is truly more, at the times.

As for this belated enlightenment about the necessity of keeping it simple, stupid-me; this is even more embarrassing when I recall the long post about Meaningless Work and Meaningful Art from that other blog. Actually, if I think about it now, don't the Long Posts and a blog titled as SummaryMaster51v seem quite contradictory and contrasting?

So, the joke is on me, after all.

^^^ For Emails Only ^^^

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