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My Direct Email Link (Preferred):

My Hosted Email Link:

If you have freelance writing enquiry, explore for knowing my skills so far. Also, visiting SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition will help you find me on social platforms. At the time of writing this, I have @akp51v user name on my Twitter profile.

As for above direct links, they automatically become a 'mailto:' hyperlink. In fact, the same is true for a good quality word processor. When you select your Email ID and click Hyperlinking feature, the HREF value is set to a 'mailto:<your_Email_ID>' by default. But just in case, you want to make your email links directly open in email apps, you can visit the HTML code version.

In short, link 1 looks like the following in HTML.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">


The same is valid for the second email ID.

Also, you can perform the same method in your PowerPoint Slideshow or DOCX files. If you export these files as PDFs, you links will continue to work fine. In other words, you can create a digital contact card using this technique. If you visit my LinkedIn Profile, you can see a sample Digital Contact Card in my Featured Section there.

Note that, if you have PayPal app on your smartphone, it will be appear as an 'Email Opening App' whenever you an email. This does not mean that the email has a PayPal account. It is simply an option only if the email is supposed to be a payment collection method. I guess that it is an important point to note. Thus, I am mentioning it here.

Some of websites will use special Email IDs only if certain situations arise. Still, in any case, the above two email IDs, in the opening section, are reliable. I believe you can guess the importance of having a Professional Email ID. Anyone can create an email ID ending with @gmail, @yahoo, @outlook or @rediff. But, a hosted Professional Email needs some serious investment.

Maybe in the future, I will provide you a general Budget Estimate for running multiple sites. Some of my domains are blogspot-hosted. Thus, I can afford to run some sites. But in case of a WordPress Site, you must invest money in Hosting Providers. Most hosting services will provide you an Add-In option of Professional Email Services.

You might have noticed that this contact page became a kind of Article on its own. So, I should probably stop here. If you wish to help me maintain my Domains, you can pay R.E. Tip. That's Reading Experience Preservation Tip. See, the owners of the websites don't want to force you to watch the Pop-Ups or Video Ads.

Advertisements are a good source of income for some Content Creators. But without Affiliate Marketing, Reselling, eBooks and Merchandise sales; the artists, writers, entertainers and scholarly content creators must reduce their time on the content. For a fact, bloggers and designers have a daytime job. Some have many part-time jobs. Yes, freelancing pays well, but even a freelance one-off project has its downsides.

But some people do not want to go the extra mile. So, they believe that filling the screen with many pop-ups, pop-unders and auto-playing video ads (oh my Data-plan) is going to solve their problem.

In fact, when you visit the discussion forums on this topic, you notice a pattern. Let me over-simplify it like this:

"Many users are okay with a Normal amount of basic ads, simple banners and call to actions. Just one pop-up per page, with a large enough 'close' button, is also considered alright. But the users are forced to use AdBlockers and ScriptBlockers, because some websites show three or more pop-ups with almost invisible 'Close' button every time. If a website has an Auto-Playing Video Ad, it is the official end of the user's patience."

Interesting note though; people like Video Content. They have problem with auto-playing video content. If you think from an ethical point of view, it makes a lot of sense.

Not everyone is using an Earphone Device when browsing the world wide web. In case the multimedia volume setting is Non-Zero, the auto-playing video ad might result in awkward situations. So, this is a question of the User's Permission. Sadly, not every user knows that most of the browsers have the built-in options to control this content. Hence the tug of war.

Content Consumers believe that Ads are 'optional' and should be 'removed.' Content Creators believe Ads in the only Revenue Generating Method at their disposal. So, they go overboard with the number and 'size' of ads.

The last straw is related to accessibility and ease of use. If website-owners love their websites, and if the users wish to enjoy their content; what would happen if a website does not load quickly because of the Scripts, Ads and Non-Content HTML Elements?

Answer: Nobody wins.

On the other hand, if you add a Members-Only Paywall, the users lose access to some content. And you, if a Content Creator, lose the chance of impressing some more users. In short, the Membership Model can work for 'downloadable' content. But it may not be ideal for all the Websites.

In any scenario, the users are smart to figure out how to bypass the ads and the paywalls. Also, the content creators are smart about preventing and plugging the loopholes.

Thus, even if a website has ads or paywalls in it, it is not necessary that all of the visiting users will watch the ads or pop-ups. No work done means no payments for the Content Providers or the 'Publishers'. Eventually, the website has to close down if it has no Backup Hosting Solution.

Now, does this mean that the free-to-write platforms should be ads-free? I mean, there is no Hosting Service overhead or operational cost, no?

So far, I am aware that you can write on Medium and Tumblr for free. Also, you get to choose some good enough themes and styles. You can also write LinkedIn Articles from a laptop. And you can use edition (the for-profit twin, of for free with some storage and feature restrictions.

Let's go a bit further about Free Content Writing Platforms.

WeHeartIt and Facebook Posts / Pages are good writing environments. Wattpad is suitable for Storytellers and most types of Writers, who can create Essays, Non-Fiction and Fiction Contents. You can write on Quora and Reddit. Even the Post Description of YouTube Video and Instagram Posts deserve a Blog-like treatment.

Here is the thing, a good quality reading experience has a thoughtful writer behind it. An interesting design results from an interesting mind. Historically, street artists as well as the royal scholars of creativity have been rewarded from time to time. It has something to do with 'contributions towards the community' and 'preserving and progressing the civilisation'.

In a normal language sentence, those creators helped the society think better. Thus, they were supported with rewards and tips. By the citizens as well as their authorities of that time.

So, even if the content creator is not investing a lot of money... the content provided to you is a product of time, efforts, planning, thinking, research and creativity. And with the nature of content, the mixture of efforts varies. For example, my freelancing rate varies from $30 per 800 words. But this pricing is for an all-round article, which means Content Research includes academic resources and discussion forums, reviews etc. additional references. Creating a simple blog post with Contemporary Remarks, or drafting an Opinionated Piece would have a different rate.

See? It's the special type of writers who get to charge more or less.

That's why Technical Writers, Academic Content Creators, Copywriters, Ghostwriters and Translators price their services differently. Writing a simple conversational article is fundamentally different, than explaining the complex ideas in Economics or Statistics in normal language.

In short, you read the edited post-produced content. And the simplicity of the language used in it, is the art of writer. The first draft is often a nightmare for the casual reader. So, a writer or editor has to revise the content to make it easy to grasp. All the efforts which go into researching a topic, rewriting in a simple language and selecting suitable designs, are invisible to the reader. And no, it is not a bad thing. In fact, a good design or content structure means that the end-user does everything without thinking about. Intuitive Design is based on the user's intuitions.

So, you don't need any written instructions about the Usage Workflow. You can just 'guess' what to do for achieving an outcome.

As an example, you can think about this font. Many fonts exist in this world. And in the age we live, even the fancy fonts work okay in every browser. So, why is the content in Roboto or Open Sans font? Why do the designers disagree about Serif (like Times New Roman) and Sans Serif (like Roboto) fonts? Why do some people prefer pure dark text on pure white background? Why some people want a dark grey content on a dark background?

Thus, a website is not just a place on the web you visit. How many sidebars to have? Which font to employ? What should be the paragraph size? How will your site appear on a small-screen device? Is their any other way to increase your revenue from a site? Which  design solution will help you and your readers without any irritation or error?

A thousand questions arise in the consciousness of a Website Owner. Of course, if you make peace with the default themes, you have less to worry about. But as a rule of thumb, every theme can undergo some basic tweaks. So, maintaining a site is not limited to purchasing and renewing the domains or hosting. Updating the content and tweaking the user interface belong to the Maintenance work-package.

I could keep writing, but I guess I should pay attention to my other sites as well. So, after converting my contact details page into an article, I can summarise this content as follows.

1. Content Creators need Ads, but Users should not suffer due to Excessive Non-Content elements. Thus, the website owners should use Ads only in a healthy amount. Instead, they can provide options to the readers, such as Paid Downloadable Content, Merchandises and Freelance Services. These options should create a Win-Win situation for Ads-Creators, Content Creators, Publishing Platform and most importantly, the Reader should benefit as well.

2. The value of Online Content depends of the quality of experience. But the 'free and easy to read' content results from a combination of special efforts. So, the Content Creators should keep updating and maintaining the websites without fail. And Content Consumers should understand that the Content is not always 'generated automatically' like some Syndicated Feed. Real human beings are behind the written word. And Website Owners do not want to make their sites 'uncool', slow and ugly with many pop-ups either.

Endnote: I don't think such type of article can change anything. The real world is not so ideal or kind, I believe. So, a better way to learn about the other sides, could be trying to do it yourself. A reader can always write. And you can use the previously mentioned free writing or video logging platforms. Who knows, someday your post might go viral. Someday, your eBook might break the dogmas.

At the time of writing this, it's 9th of March, year 2021. A year ago, I tried creating a blog one more time, which is SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition today. Till that point, I had never worried about Fonts, Colours and their relationship with Reading Experience. Back then, I did not know about Astigmatism. So, I used pure white text on pure dark background. You can guess what happens when you read a huge paragraph with such a full contrast.

Thus, what began as a hobby, is something slightly bigger now. I ended up securing a site, with hosting and everything. That is the now.

So, keep writing with skill upgrades. I write freestyle for my personal projects. But I have access to Yoast SEO Basic plugin for WordPress. Thanks to some Content Rewriting works, I am aware about the Reading Levels simplification, though I don't think they matter that much. I grew up with books, newspapers and some creative philosophical fools, just like me. Hence my ill-will towards 'Reading Levels' ideology. Still, for Copywriting and Rewriting works, I can reduce the Reading Levels as much as you like.

The same contact details in the opening can be used to enquire about Freelance Services. For the time being, you could read Noteless51v home page or my other blogs.

Hi, I am AK Patil 'akp51v' and I hope you have enjoyed this Reading Experience.

^^^ For Emails Only ^^^

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