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Overthinking is Double-edged Sword, without Handle

↪ Detective's soul is within each of us. And thus, you cannot rest easy with an empty mind. I couldn't do it either. Thinking and questioning the possibilities is good till a safe limit. When you cross it, you suffer.

We live in the age of over-information.

Your device is full of Notifications. And the 'trending topics' never keep quiet. So, you can feel a Fear of Missing Out (FoMO). If you are young, the web won't let you rejoice the moment. In fact, I can tell you about certain 'friends' who exist for Selfies. And the hashtags.

Of course, electronic devices have become our oxygen. So, nobody is innocent. One way or another, you'll need to rely on the internet, the media and the over-information. I'm no exception to this rule.

Thus, I am nobody to blame you. You know. worrying about third-party judgements is pointless anyway.

But our human body pays the price. Whenever you sacrifice your sleep or lifestyle, to allow the Notification to disrupt your mind... It's not just a dopamine boost. You have to process more information. And most of the modern content is created to trigger your emotions.

"So, Congratulations! You thought the more info the better, you fan of Big Data."
( Talking to myself )

The fact is, the more information we try to absorb, the greater is the risk of Anxiety, Insecurity and Over-Thinking.

So, as you try to navigate your way amid the Over-informed Noise Pollution (of Minds and Insecurities)… try to forget your Digital Addiction Brick back home once in a while.

And appreciate all of the sweet and the bitter aspects of your life, without any feel-good fake idealism. Let's not overthink everything. You deserve to be realistic about your life. You deserve to detox your inner trends and FoMO monsters.

Pro Tip: Daily Journaling is your best bet

Let your thoughts dance over a paper's surface. Write something private, each day. You can use this Daily Journal of yours, to keep your thoughts clean and clear. You can even analyse your thoughts without being overwhelmed, like a neutral observer.

Personally, I suggest hand-written notes. But you can type your work, and protect it with passwords and encryption. Just ensure that no Notification disturbs you when you type. On some devices, activating DND (do not disturb) isn't enough. You might prefer activating the Flight Mode.

^^^ For Emails Only ^^^

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