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Creating Content Regularly is Tough

↪ The internet is full of webpages and videos. You have no reason to worry about what to do next. Many sites use Infinities Scroll these days. So, you get new content continuously. It's similar to the Auto-play Next Video option you find on some streaming platforms.

Most news websites can afford to run a Paid Membership programme. Because an entire team is working on creating new content.

As for a tiny blog, you can lose the track of time. Also, you do your own marketing and sales. Thus, managing time is crucial. But you might encounter a time period, when you have no time left for writing. No ideas arise in your mind, and thus, the writer is a non-writing person.

Consistent routine is one of the suggested solutions to avoid such a fate.

But over-ritualisation could hurt your spontaneous ideas. So, there is no perfect balm for your headaches. Another possibility is keeping a tiny notebook. If an idea is interesting, you can always note it. Note that, you can 'pin' or 'tweet' your ideas for now. And resume working on them after you are free to do so.

You might find the following articles helpful, if you have stopped writing for a while. Or if the ideas are not popping up fast enough.

1. What happens when you stop writing

This is a Story on, written by Jacqueline Abela. You find the four downsides of an irregular writing routine. Also, this Story ends with four solutions which might help you. It's a 3 minutes read. And as of 10th March, 2021, this has 80 Claps and 242 Followers, from Medium readers.

2. Five reasons to quit writing

This is a Column written by J. David Osborne on You will find the five situations in which quitting (or pausing) should be a more helpful solution. In short, this is a great piece of advice that is grounded in reality as opposed to the usual 'positivity forever' checklists.

3. Why taking writing breaks is important

Written by Shivana Deo, this article on enlists the benefits of pausing your writing marathon. You might discover some meaningful insights after reading this piece. The article features an interesting quote and touches on some deeper questions.

Thus, I found the above articles beneficial. And I am going to take things a bit slower. You never know how your life may surprise you. So, the endless supply of the online content is immortal. As a result, failing to create newer content periodically, is a competitive disadvantage.

All the best with your sites or work assignments. I am AK Patil 'akp51v' who also has a dark mode site, SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition. Do visit it and let me know if you need any freelance Writing Services.

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